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EVANS Fred M. A watercolour drawing, an interior scene depicting a fisherman seated with a female companion reading, signed. 25 x 31 cms. Acquired 25/11/2006.








RoeX350  Roe350


ThorntonX350     Thorton2X350



ASHMORE Charles fl 1858-1870. Birmingham painter of domestic subjects. Exhibited one picture at the RoyalAcademy in 1867 ‘knuckle down’ also at BI and SS. Lived 241 Bristol Street, Birmingham (1867).1823/4, A Birmingham painter who was working between 1849 and 1886.  He exhibited in London as well as Birmingham and also painted portraits and rustic subjects.





???????????????????????????????HOLLAND, John Junior. 1830-1886 A 19 century watercolour depicting an English port (Whitby) with figures in the foreground, signed , J Holland Jnr. and dated. Acquired on 25/11/2006 as one of a three part acquisition celebrating my PhD.
Was the son of John Holland Senior (c1805-1880).  He no doubt received tuition from his father, and he became a very capable painter of landscapes in watercolour, and was also a painter of portraits in oils towards the end of his life.
Seeing that he was painting for some years at the same time as his father, it is highly probable that some of the watercolours recorded as being exhibited at the British Institute and the Suffolk Street Gallaries, London, were executed by him. The two families of Holland lived next door to one another at 13 and 15 Vernon Street, Derby Road, Nottingham, the latter address being a picture dealers shop for many years conducted by Samuel S Holland senior.  And it was from this address that some of the pictures by John Holland Senior and Junior were dispatched to the London exhibitions. John Holland junior was regarded as a fine painter of landscapes in watercolours.  The author has a set of four by him of views on the Thames, all signed and dated John Holland junior, in full 1882, and these are of quality fit for any exhibition[1].  Portraits in oils, too signed in the same way are still to be found and these also prove he was an artist of ability.  1 example in Castle Museum, Nottingham.


Ward350WARD, Cyril, A framed watercolour, landscape, signed. Exhibited at the RA from 1890-1904 RA (15).Live in Glossop Manchester (1890). Lived in Puckeridge, Ware.(1902). Watercolour artist and garden painter b. Oakamoor, Staffs, Add: Glossop Nr Manchester 1889; Milford, Godalming, Surrey 1901, Puckeridge Ware, Herts, 1902; Claygatge, Surray 1908; Birchington, Kent 1919. Alton, hants 1925, Southampton 1932 +B5, D3,FIN 140, L,39, M25,RA27,RBA 11, RCA163, RHA 36, RI.

English School, 19 Century, watching the storm. Acquired 05/12/03.

A gilt framed oil on board, riverside scene. Acquired 23/07/05






???????????????????????????????FRANK William Arnee (1808 – 1897).
Mountainous Lake Scene, children and dog by a rowing boat, watercolour, signed, indistinctly dated 1870, verso with inscribed label of The Horner Galleries, Sheffield. 30 x 47 cms. Acquired 14/05/2005.
Although essentially an artist of the first half of the 19 century.  W.A. Frank was active into his eighties and was still showing work at the R. W. A. in 1891.  Little is know about his early life although he did teach drawing in Clifton and published a series of lithographs of local Bristol views in 1831.  His watercolour landscapes are well painted usually in strong colours which give them a distinctive appearance.  The subjects are mostly views around Bristol, the WyeValley and North Wales.  Mountainous Lake scene, children and dog by a rowing boat, signed, indistinctly dated 1870, verso with inscibed label of The Homer Galleries, Sheffield. 30 x 47 cms.


SUTTON Benjamin (Exh 1831 – 1832) Haddon Hall, Derbyshire, a summer view from the river with cattle and figures, a haycart crossing the bridge. Watercolour, heighten with white. Old catalogue entry pasted verso stating ‘Signed, inscribed and dated 13 September 1834 verso’, 34 x 50 cms


HARDING James Duffield  OWS 1797-1863. Minningaff Church and Camboden Cottage, Kirkcudbright, Scotland.
Watercolour, Signed, 16 x 23.5 cm.
Provenance: Thos agnew & Sons Ltd, Old Bond Street, London. Reference 42599

Landscape and topographical painter, maily in watercolours, but also in oils; engraver and  lithographer.  Received 10-15 lessons in Watercolours from S Prout; in 1816 or 1818 gained the Siciety of Arts Medal for an original landscape.  Apprenticed to John Pye, the engraver.  Exhibited in London 1811-1864 at the Royal Academy 1811-1854, at BI, SS and OWS (143 works); became an A of the OWS in 1920; Member 1821; resigned in 1846 to become a candidate for the Royal Academy, as a painter in Oil, but failed, and was re-elected , 1856.
He was a small exhibitor as he spent much of his time in teaching lithography.  We was a pioneer in the movement for art instruction in schools and for the training of art masters. Published many books on teaching drawing – all supporting direct observation of nature rather than tricks (for details of his publications see Roget II pp 178-187). He taught Ruskin, among others and when the first volume of Modern Painters appeared in 1843 many of Hardings old pupils recognized his lessons ’on skies’, on water’, ‘on mountains’, etc. and expecially his theory that tree-drawing should be based upon the laws of tree growth.  Ruskin said that next to Turner, Harding was ‘unquestionably the greatest master of foliage in Europe’.
Harding visited Italy in 1824, went frequently to the Continent after that date; visited Venice Verona and Mantua with Ruskin in September 1845.  His illustrations in the Landscape Annual (he supplied 24 lithographs for each of the three volumes, 1832-4, two dealing with Italy one with France), made him one of the best-known artists of his day.  His studio sales were held at Christie’s May 1864 and May 1865.  For works illustrated by him see Card Cat. At VAM

???????????????????????????????SUTCLIFFE  Lester, c1850 (Leeds)-c 1930, exhibited at the RA (11) from 1884-1903
Lived at 72 Grafton StreetLeeds (1884)
Lived at 2 Park Place, Leeds (1885). Lived at 17 Esk Terrace, Whitby (1896). Lived at 1 St Mark’s Terrace, Leeds, (1898). Lived at Sun Buildings, Park Row, Leeds (1900). Land and coastscapes in oil and watercolor. Grisaille. Sells.  Also lived in Whitby. Thought to be realated to Thomas Sutcliffe (qv). Studied art in Birmingham. Became a stage scenery painter before traveling in France and Italy. Married to Elizabeth Trevor  S. (qv). Exhibited extensively and showed many paintings at the RCamA (Royal Cambrian Acadamy). RoyalCambrianAcademy, Conway, Gwynedd, North Wales.

Hartley350HARTLEY Alfred was a pupil of Sir Frank Short and the etcher C. J. Watson. He studied at the South Kensington ArtSchools and at Professor Brown’s class at WestminsterArtSchool, with Frampton and Anning Bell as fellow pupils. He was a painter of landscape and genre, an etcher in line and in aquatint and a portrait painter of considerable success. Between 1889 and 1899 he painted many notable portraits, amongst them portraits of Lord Randolph Churchill, Lord Russell of Killowen and the Prime Minister. From 1885 onwards he exhibited at the RoyalAcademy (20), the Royal Society of British Artists, the New Watercolour Society, the Grosvenor Gallery and The National Gallery.

Jack350JACK Patti. Exh. (1881-1897). |Near Loch Trool, an extensive summer landscape with pines, Watercolour, signed, incribed and dated 1897, 24 x 34cms
Landscape painter. Ardmohr, Dunblane, NB 1881; St Andrews 1884, +B2, GI 3, RA 1, RSA 33.. Exhibited a work entitled ‘On the morrs, Galloway’ at the RoyalAcademy in 1884.  Address in St. Andrews, Fifeshire. Lived in Kinburn Place, St Andrews, (1884)

???????????????????????????????LAING James Garden 1852-1915.
Watercolour, signed, 1896. Acquired 07/02/04.
Landscape painter. B. Aberdeen . RSW 1885. Married Annie Rose L. q.v. Add; Glasgow + DOW 5, FIN 61, G 40, GI 80, L13, M9M RA 21 including ‘On the Dee’ in 1866, RBA,1,RI 6, RSA 55, RSW 114. Glasgow painter of landscapes, architectural views and church interiors, mostly in watercolour.  Exhibited at the RoyalAcademy from 1883, SS, NWS and OWS. Painted in Scotland, also in Holland. Much influenced by the HagueSchool of painters, and expecially Bosboom.
Lived at 248 West George   Street, Glasgow (1883).Lived at 164 Bath Street, Glasgow (1885). Lived at AlbanyMansions, Charing Cross, Glasgow. 1852 (Aberdeen)- 1915; He trained and worked as an architect in Aberdeen before he began painting watercolours.  Although he produced landscapes he was best known for his church interiors which are influenced by Bosboon and other Dutch contemporaries, whom he met on sketching tours of Holland. Examples Glasgow Art gallery; PaisleyArtGallery. Fl 1833-92, Of Glasgow; member of RSW. Landscapes. Exhibited 22 works;3 NMCS, 16 RA, 1 SRA


LOGSDAIL William (1859-1944) (possibly), inscribed on back ‘Painted by W Logsdale for… of Nottingham…. Church frontage. Acquired 13/11/04.


MARGETSON William Henry RI, ROI, (1861-1940). The Virgil, signed, pencil and watercolour heightened with white, 50 x 31 cms.





MASON William Henry fl (1846-1936). Near Leukerbad, Switzerland  A precipitous mountain pass with cattle goats and drover by the wayside shrine. Signed with initials, dated 1876, watercolour heightened with white. 17 x 23 cms. Acquired 11/12/03

1858-1885 fl 1860-1888 Exh 1880-1911. Chichester address. Titles at the RoyalAcademy include; ‘The point, Portsmouth’, and ‘Ironclads at Spithead. Exhibited  RA (6), BI, (8) SS (19) NWCS (1) VE (4). Address provided at 21 East Street, Chichester (1863) plus the names of the 6 works he displayed at the RoyalAcademy. Later addresses include; The Parade, Arundal (1872)Malvern Lodge, Worthing (1888) There is also another MASON William Henry that is also identified as having displayed at the RA (2).  His address is 77   Charlotte Street, Fitsroy Square (1860) Maston Hall East Retford, Nottinghamshire? (1877). Marine painter. Lived in Chichester and Worthing. Exhibited at RoyalAcademy 1963-88, BI, SS and elsewhere. Titles at RA. ‘Spithead’, ‘After a gale- seafordBay’, ‘ Ironclads at Spithead’,

???????????????????????????????MERCER Fredrick RBSA fl 1871-1929.Townsdar Church, Dartmouth with girl and dog, watercolour, heightened with white, signed, verso with photograph of inscription Townsdar Church Dartmouth, a sketch from nature July 75, 15 x 23 cms. Acquired 15/07/2005
Painted landscapes and coastal scenes in watercolour. Exhibited six watercolurs at SS including ‘Farm near Tamworth, Staffordshire’, and ‘Barmouth in the Sands’,  Also exhibited four works at the NWS. Address in Birmingham. 1872-93. Of Birmingham, landscapes, Exhibited 14 works 4 NWCS 6 SBA.

MercerX350Left, MERCER Fredrick, Homeward bound, signed, pencil and watercolour heightened with white. Acquired 02/07/2004





MOLE John Henry, (1814-1886), Faggot Gatherers In a Summer Landscape. Watercolour, heightened with while, signed lower left, 18 x 28 cms





OSCROFT Samuel William 1834-1924
Lower, An extensive sunlit moorland scene, withlow flying grouse, figures in the distance, watercolour, signed and dated 1874, 52 x 22.5 cms. Acquired 03/10/2005.
He was born at Hyson Green, Nottingham, the son of a lace manufacturer, and at quite an early age showed sketching ability.  He became a student at the Nottingham School of Design, situated at that time in Beck Lane, afterwards it moved to Commercial Square, and finally to Waverley Street, where todaythe original building has been much added to and modernised and is now know by the name of Nottingham College of Arts and Craft.  Oscroft was a painter of watercolour drawings, and a lace designer by profession, but eventually gave it up and devoted the rest of his life to art.  He was a clever watercolourist, and a large number of his best work were bequeathed by him at the time of his death to the NottinghamCastleArtGallery, and are in the permanent collection there, beautiful executed landscapes that make general appeal. The exhibition also includes a number of studies of Wilford village and its church.  He was a much liked man with many friends, living to be 90 years of age and died in Nottingham in 1924. Lived at 27 Chaucer Street, Nottingham (1885), RA (3)








Copyist of Myles Birket FOSTER (1829-1899) A pair, Haymaking and Harvesting, watercolour, heightened with white. Each bears monogram, 24 x 35 cms. Acquired 30/01/06


TEASDALE John, (1848 – 1936). Honister Crag, Cumberland, and autumn scene, with figures, signed, dated 1921, inscribed, watercolour, (24.5 x 35 cms).


THOMSON Isabella Lauder
Drying the Nets on the East Coast of Scotland, signed, pencil and watercolour with bodycolour, 25 x 39cms.





WHAITE Henry Clarence, Solitude, moonlight scene with figure on a woodland path, signed, watercolour, 26 x 36cms

???????????????????????????????WIBBERLEY, Herbert Rushton. A village in the Yorkshire Dales, signed.
Was born at Wollaton Street, Nottingham, about the end of the nineteenth century.  A self taught artist painting landscapes chiefly in watercolour.  Hiw watercolour drawing have a great charm of their own, and he has been successful in having them exhibiting at the RBA, Suffolk Street, London, the Royal

WollowbyX350College of Art, and at Provincial Galleries, including the Nottingham Castle Art Gallery.  Is a member of the Nottingham Society of Artists, and had gained various awards between the years 1928 and 1950.  Was represented at the Quincentenary Exhibition at the NottinghamCastleArtGallery 1949 and has works there in the permanent collection. Resides at 17 Taunton Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham.


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