Stained Glass Windows


The Isaac Newton Stained Glass Window (now in Grantham Station Waiting Room)
Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727 was born in Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth, 6 miles south of Grantham and attended Grantham Grammar School from 1655-1661. He later became Master of Trinity College Cambridge, President of the Royal Society and Master of the Royal Mint. Newton is best known for his scientific discoveries, including formulating the laws of motion and universal gravitation in his book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, first published in 1687.  Please take a look at the 2 minute video about the making of  Isaac Newton’s final journey

IMG_0938 - straightend+blackbackgrd
Mallard – L.N.E.R TRAIN’S 125 M.P.H
A streamlined locomotive of the London and North Eastern Railway drawing seven streamlined coaches yesterday attained a speed of 125 miles an hour on a stretch of track between Grantham and Peterborough.While the record was being made tea was being served in the train and observers report that the motion was so smooth that none was spilled.The Pacific type locomotive employed is named Mallard and was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, chief mechanical engineer of L.N.E.R.
Extracts from The Times (London, England), Monday, July 04, 1938; pg. 14; issue 4803

Have a look at the short 2 minute film of the projects journey in My Mallard Movie

IMG_0938 - reflection picture

IMG_1299x350‘Mallard’ Proposed Celebratory Stained Glass Window at Grantham Station
IMG_1297x350In 1938 one of the A4 class of trains, ‘The Mallard’ steamed through Grantham station picking up speed. Around Stoke Bank, just south of the station, it reached 126 mph, a world record never to be achieved again by IMG_1294x350any steam train. I’d like to celebrate this achievement by designing, building and housing a stained glass window in the waiting room between platforms 2 & 3 of Grantham Station.





IMG_1222x350       IMG_1219x350

IMG_1220x350              IMG_1221x350

 IMG_0082x350 mallard100 foxgloves10  train100
Preliminary Sketches
Size  100 x 25 Medium
Medium – Pencil and Watercolour
Artist – Michael Brown
Paper – Cartridge paper

My son Tommy and I have spent 6 months communicating with Network Rail and Virgin Trains East Coast, we have spoken to the National Railway Museum and the great people at Grantham station.  We have been given the go ahead for the project and we would really love the opportunity to produce a wonderful celebratory window.


Proposed Cartoon
The actual size of the window is 144.5cm (57 inches) in diameter. Radius of 72.25cm (28.5 inches)

Coloured Cartoon
There are still areas that i would like to change. For instance the stations, Grantham needs to be in full, also i’m thinking of curving the rails towards your eye line.


Victorian Grecian Baths Window (2000).  Since completing this window a further project has just been undertaken that we have called Moving Windows. It demonstrates the changes in the window during the course of a day, from dawn to dusk. The video last 1min 55 seconds, please take a look.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASize 125 x 95 cms Uroboros and Youghiogheny Glass
Designer and artist – Michael Brown
Medium – Stained Glass

???????????????????????????????Detail 1

???????????????????????????????Detail 2

???????????????????????????????      ???????????????????????????????

A Cricketing Cathedral – Trent Bridge – Nottingham 2010.
Size 80 x 65cms, Uroboros and Youghiogheny glass
Designed and artist – Michael Brown
Medium – Stained Glass




Wisteria window 1994,
Size 170  x 43 cms.
Designer and artist – Michael Brown
Artist – Michael Brown









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